A baby named Gin … what’s the twist?

Before you ask me why? Let me explain.

Our canteen at Twist Towers has been overtaken with ladies gossip magazines. Seriously, there’s not one copy of Top Gear or Superbikes to be seen anywhere, not even a copy of Drinks International! So don’t blame me, if yes, occasionally, us men, may or may not have picked up a copy or two along the way. Well they say curiosity killed the cat. Or in this case, somebody’s wife / mother in-law is going to kill the cat.

The problem you see, dear readers, lies with celebrity baby names. You’ve all heard of them, Apple, Tiger Lilly, Harper, Trixi, Twix, Marathon to name a few. Okay I made the last two up, but this got us men thinking and that’s not always a good thing. What if one of us named our next baby after Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin ™? What’s the Twist I here you all shout. The Twist being, there is no Twist. In fact, no Oliver, London, Distilled allowed, only Gin. Who would call their baby Oliver or London anyway?

Before you all write in pleading with us not to name a baby after our favorite Juniper based distillate, consider this.

The Japanese were the first to use the name Gin and its meaning is Silver. According to the US Social Security System, in 2007, the name Gin ranked the 12,251st most popular name for a girl in America. Seriously, even the Italians are at it. Gin is an Italian name for a Girl meaning Farmer. You will be glad to hear that we Brits are a little more sensible, with the exception of one or two of our most eccentric rock stars. Gin, as a baby name, does not rank in the Top 1000 according to the last figures released in 2010. Virginia is the closest, most popular derivative with Gin being listed as its most common nickname.

Not convinced yet? There are 39 girls names in the English language beginning with Gin. Here are some;

Gin, Gina, Ginah, Ginai, Ginata, Ginebra, Ginella, Ginelle, Gines, Ginesa, Ginett, Ginetta, Ginette, Gineveve, Ginevieve, Ginevive, Ginevra, Ginevre, Gingee, & last but not least Ginger!

So you see our plan to name the next baby born at Twist Towers Gin is not such a far out idea as it first seems. Now all we have to do is convince the wife and mother laws that we are not all mental and get on with the fun bit!

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