About Gin

There are several different versions regarding the origin of Gin. There is documented evidence of Juniper Berries being distilled by Benedictine Monks over a thousand years ago. If only it could be reproduced today with our production technology and with our London Master blender. Of course the name of the distillate was not Gin but most certainly it was the beginning of Gin as we know it today, invented for its healing properties.  Most sources say that Gin originates in Holland back in 1550 when professor of medicine Franciscus de la Boe, also known as Franciscus Sylvius, was trying to concoct a cure for stomach complaints using the diuretic properties of juniper berries and stumbled on this wonderful infusion which he named Genever. He called it Genever after the French term genièvre meaning juniper. By 1655 it was already being commercially produced and English soldiers serving in the area, took affection to the spirit.

Another Gin history related with this drink is that during the reign of King Charles I, the quality of Gin and its image improved because of advances in distillation. Gin history also has a record that when King William III better known as William of Orange came to the throne, he made a series of statutes actively encouraging distillation of English spirits. It is also seen in Gin history that sometimes, gin was being distributed to workers as their wages.

The year 1729 nearly saw the cessation of Gin production when an excise license of £20 was introduced and two shillings per gallon duty was levied, resulting in an increase of illicit and bad spirits being produced as there were almost 7000 shops selling only Distilled Spirits.

A further act in September 1739 making Gin prohibitively expensive resulted in public riots.

In the 1920’s Gin was heralded as the latest cocktail drink and became the darling of the famous Cunard Cruises. By 1951, over 7,000 Gin based cocktails were listed worldwide.

The Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin Brand was designed, created and established in 2011 by The Silvester Wyatt-Nicolle Co. Ltd. (SWN), with the in-depth collaboration of The SG Spirits Group Limited who were responsible for providing all the necessary technical input. Their Chairman, Mr Stuart W Gunn, a firm believer in strong business family values was sufficient to convince SWN there were strong similarities with their own Family Company that independent families can work together long-term with shared values. Having a lifetime of work within the Global Distilled Spirits Industry and an honoured member of the Worshipful Company of Distillers which was founded in London in 1638, Stuart Gunn provided that business integrity and vision to allow Oliver Twist become a reality and enter the Global market segment of London Distilled Dry Gin.

Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin is masterfully Distilled in the heart of the City of London using traditional methods passed down though generations..