Antoine Laplane flys to Genoa for an Oliver Twist Gin Gathering

One of the great French Distilled Spirits experts, Mr Antoine Laplane flys to Genoa to attend the Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin Conference held in the beautiful resort of Camogli.

Antoine, with substantial knowledge of Far Eastern markets, will be having an in-depth review
on the qualitative aspects of Oliver Twist and in particular understand the unique benefits
of Green Mandarins from Bodrum located on the southern shores of Turkey which will
be presented for tasting by his friend Mr Nadir Yelkenci. Antoine will of course also be
delivering a business presentation on the Far East; in particular, the growing category of
Premium London distilled Dry Gin throughout the region. He gave us a brief hint that “key”
to his presentation will be the benefits of explaining to on-premise Barmen the importance
of providing accurate information on the health benefits of Gin Botanicals which are
extracted during the process and delivered to the final cut in Oliver Twist Dry Gin.

During the Oliver Twist Conference there will be ample opportunity to savour the cocktail
delights of Oscar De Paita (Ozzie) along the streets of the classy evening drinking wells of
Camogli where he will be moving from point to point introducing a new cocktail shot which
we will report on soon. Of course we should expect his classic De Paita Negroni.

A presentation will be delivered by Keiran Wyatt-Nicolle, a true personality in the science of
marketing. Working with SWN, the dynamic Channel Island Advertising Agency, he will
be making an in-depth presentation on Oliver Twist Gin marketing while his Team will be
presenting an endless amount of classy Point of Sale (POS) materials specifically designed
for the Premium Gin category. Again, there is still little information on the marketing
theme but let us believe it will encompass the essence of aromas in Gin Botanicals from the
Mediterranean and Far East. Certainly the SWN agency as an independent company has the
flexibility to act fast and with decision on the challenges facing a development brand in the
global market.

We will be reporting soon on the outcome of the conference with some great photography
at some on-premise outlets where much Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin will be
sampled and presented to the local community.

Antoine Laplane will no doubt be gathering much information and materials ahead of his
forthcoming marketing mission to the Far East. We wish him well.

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