With Great Britain’s economy in a state of turmoil and still being asked to prop up Europe, we at Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin have decided that we must do our bit.
How you may ask? Simple is the reply, and with very little sacrifice we may add, simply drink and enjoy Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin, the quintessential taste of Blighty.
We all know duty must be paid on spirits, we all know that all manner of tax must be paid, so let’s pay it on a traditional English product. One that we all enjoy, one that we can all share with our friends and fellow Britons, one that declares our love for our great nation, and whilst we are doing our duty to our sovereign State, we our having a great time in the process. Churchill himself was a Gin drinker, in fact, there is a cocktail named after him, the Churchillian.
Just imagine, if we could get every drinker in Great Britain to partake of just one Oliver Twist and Tonic a week, the economy would be boosted by a phenomenal amount, and none of it going overseas! The leaders of France and Germany would once again be in awe of the bulldog spirit and enterprise that helped lead England, Scotland and Wales out of the financial doldrums whilst bringing a smile to the nations’ faces. Our great nation’s leaders would raise a glass or two of OTT to every discerning adult in the land, saying, “You saved us from the brink.”
Our great product would be the envy of the world, It would be found in every bar, restaurant and off-sales premises throughout the civilised world and recognised as the drink that saved a nation. And yes my friends, we would all be able to say that we were part of that financial revolution, and it did not hurt a bit! We did what the politicians could not do; we showed Brussels that we could not be cowed.
The time has come to raise your glass of Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin and Tonic high over your head, stand tall, lift your voices as one and exultantly proclaim your toast with fervour, “FOR GIN AND COUNTRY!”

Brought to you by the most English of Gentlemen and Gin Connoisseur  Shaun Griffin Wyatt-Nicolle

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