Forget Vodka Jelly shots … Try Oliver Twist Gin and Tonic Jelly shots instead

Try this this classy equivalent to the regular Vodka Jelly Shot. This refreshing alternative can be served as either a pudding to round off the perfect dinner party or as a fantastic tipple to get any gathering in full swing. Either way we think that you will love this alternative way of having a Gin and Tonic.

You will need:

• A number of shot glasses or martini glasses depending on whether you are serving shots or pudding.

• One packet of Hartleys Lime Jelly

• 300ml of Schweppes Tonic Water

• 200 ml Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin

Heat 100ml of Tonic Water and the Jelly in either the Microwave or a sauce pan until the Jelly has dissolved. Add the Gin and remainder of the chilled Tonic Water and stir to ensure the Gin mixes with the Jelly/Tonic mixture.

Divide the liquid into shot glasses or martini glasses and chill until set.

Enjoy …


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