Gin Italian Style in Genova

The Oliver Twist Gin Team has selected La Tartana to launch their London Distilled Gin in the City of Genoa, Italy. A family business, La Tartana is steeped in historical tradition going back generations. Originally opened in the 50’s they were at the forefront for Scotch Whisky bringing to the curious consumer a wide range of offerings which could not be easily found. That tradition continues today with the addition of beers. The two brothers running the establishment are today perhaps better known for providing unique expressions of distillate from around Europe. Their in-depth of knowledge is second to none and it was felt as a unique opportunity for both that Oliver Twist Gin should enter this ancient city through their doors.

Located at the end of Corso Italia, La Tartana is positioned over some of the best breath-taking sea views of the city. The brothers have kept their establishment exactly like the first day it was opened and stepping inside it feels like going back in time. Small and full of history one could say it is a private museum with products dating back to the very first day it opened to the public. Those very products are still on sale today albeit in very small quantities. Their clientele are also unique, coming for the experience and listen to the history and of course in-depth product profile the brother thrive to explain. The Oliver Twist Team immediately felt this is exactly what is required for the Brand. This is a word-of-mouth experience for the consumer who will take Oliver Twist onwards to the wider cognoscenti of the city. The brothers are now studying some tantalising new cocktails which we already know in our hearts will be completely different from mainstream premise cocktails. We would simply call them meditational cocktails the likes we have not seen for a very long time. Visit La Tartana this winter and experience D Day or “Discovery Day”!

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