Gin Tonic and “the other side of midnight”

First step in life for a great Gin drinker is to eliminate the word AND from Gin & Tonic. This will help one to enter into the realm of Gin, Dry Gin, and experience the thrills of how Gin was discovered and savoured, away from artificial sweeteners, to enhance a thrilling experience with an expression of botanicals as defined by Master London Distillers.


GIN TONIC allows one to savour the flavours and one key ingredient is certainly Green Mandarins from Bodrum. The green peels of Green Mandarins are used in Oliver Twist Gin and this unique ingredient helps deliver the botanical expression researched by the Oliver Twist Master Distillers. Strange but true the citrus expression of Green Mandarins helps to elevate the dry cypress notes and Ligurian botanicals which form part of the Oliver Twist formula.


GIN TONIC simply means an emphasis on Gin, hopefully London Distilled Dry Gin which is distilled within the City of London, while Distilled London Dry Gin could be distilled anywhere in the world. Take note!

Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin is best enjoyed 50/50 with tonic. Don’t stretch the Gin as you will lose the exquisite flavours carefully crafted for you from the Master Distillers of Oliver Twist Gin. Just sit back on the backs of the Thames and enjoy an Oliver Twist gin with a great friend while through your discussions about the old empire and the forthcoming world powers you will gradually drift towars what is really important in life. To relax and saviour precious flavours of our homeland intertwined with our glorious travels of the past throughout Europe.


This delight in expression could even lead you towards Umbria and the discovery of the Settimi brothers called Andrea and Lorenzo. Andrea describes his establishment as the Bronx of USA with great trusted clientele such as Edoardo a man of great IBM talents but with a loving delight to experience the extravaganza which both Andrea and Lorenzo can deliver from their humble home of Protte, just a few miles from Montefalco in Umbria.

These brother are experts in the De Paita Negroni and even though their hideout is just down plain and simple, they turn out cocktails which are second to none. It really is quite simple. One sits by the road just as you would in the Bronx, the only difference is that you are in the real countryside without flash and with no need for great cash. Edoardo is a great Jetsetter client and just loves to chill out with the boys and savour a De Paita Negroni. One disappears into oblivion and really that is what one ultimately seeks, away from the flash and glamour but enjoy people for their value and sip a great Oliver Twist London distilled Dry Gin expression through the De Paita skills imparted to the Settimi brothers of Protte near Montefalco.

Stop at Settimi 77 for your aperitif then travel forth to Montefalco and savour the delightful dinners as expressed by our Vice President Alessandrina Gunn in her publications addressed to global travellers seeking culinary delights in Umbria.

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