“Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens, For Gin and Country”

Birthdays, it’s always the same.  My birthday falls on the 29th December but the rest of my family or at least a big chunk of them all fall around the same time in February, just when my bank balance has recovered from Christmas! There’s mother & farther, little brother and my wife and I’m about to become and uncle again and yes you’ve guessed it, we are expecting another February baby!


So what’s all this got to do with Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin?  Well my wife happens to share her birthday, the 7th February with someone rather famous.  Mr. Charles Dickens would have been 200 this year and it was Charles Dickens who wrote, amongst his many other great literary achievements, “Oliver Twist”.


The Team at Oliver Twist are delighted to announce that we have been asked to partake in the world wide bicentenary celebrations of Charles Dickens organised by the British Council.


In conjunction with the BBC, Film London, the British Film Institute and Fentimans Tonic, Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin will be sponsoring the bar at the BFI Southbank Blue Room on the evening of 7th February 2012, which will host the UK’s contribution to an international “read-a-thon” organised by the British Council, which will be performed live on stage.


After the “read-a-thon” we will be treated to the world premiers of three short films produced by Film London and the new feature-length collaboration between Film London and BBC Radio Drama called “Dickens in London”.


Now all I have to do is break the news to my wife that I have cancelled the table at her favourite Italian restaurant and booked us some tickets to London to soiree with Britain’s top luvvies.


So what ever you are doing on the 7th February raise a glass and toast our Victorian Literary Master.


“Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens, To Gin and Country”


The Gin Maestro.

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