Original Gin

Is there something such as a “Original Gin”

 Is there such a thing as an “Original Gin”

Being a Dutchman one ought to think of Gin as a Dutch born spirit. True, Gin was originally developed by Dutch distillers, but do we get that authentic feeling with the so called Genevers in the market place today. Ah No! Not at all, as a matter of fact most Dutch Genevers today have very little in common with the Original spirit of the old days. The larger part of the Genever Distillers have traded the product down to a cheap reproduction of something called Genever but basically is an industrial produced spirit drink with very little fantasy being used to the taste profile. Unfortunately nothing remained of the Original Dutch Gin’s.

On the other hand, being in the UK you can find as many “concept gins” as there are botanics. The flood of Gins entering the market place has become rather silly, these Marketing Gins are there to replace the dying Vodka cultus. Sadly enough the larger part of these so called “Premium Gins” are conceived on marketing rules instead of proper Gin lovers taste profiles.

When visiting the International wine & spirit trade show (Vinexpo) of Bordeaux this year, I was pleasantly surprised with a Gin that did catch my imagination and drew me back to the bar for another one. Oliver Twist London Gin. That’s it. No hocus pocus on botanicals, triple or quadruple distilling princples, organic grown grains or other chit chat, just a very well distilled and very catchy style of Original London Gin. With a taste of Gin as Gin supposed to taste, truly smooth in texture and extremely bursting with lingering lemon and juniper scents. A great combination of distilling qualifications following the Traditional Gin Distilling rules. Something you only find in London these days.

Oliver Twist Gin gave me something that I was looking for since many years tasting many gins. Oliver just blew me out and definitely meets with each mixologist demand of giving that controlled burst of spiciness to a range of cocktails without the disturbing dominancy of so called “super botanicals”.  

With Oliver Twist I finally found the Original tasting Gin ! So good to see that the team managed to sell the product in Amsterdam as well !   

Met vriendelijke groet, Best  regards, Mit freunlichen Grüßen

Maarten Smit “Gin Connoisseur” Amsterdam

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