Oliver Twist Gin travels to Malta

Our Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin Team located in Southern Europe took road and sea to the gorgeous Subtropical-Mediterranean island of Malta as part of their Fashion and Gin mission to discover and report
back the best route to market for Oliver Twist, the quintessential London Distilled Dry Gin, distilled in the heart of the City of London.

Virgilio la Vespa (Vivi to friends), the globetrotting Italian Fashion photographer with Oscar De Paita (Ozzie), the entrepreneurial cocktail creator of widely outlandish alternative expressions of household cocktails were on their travels in the company of Oliver Twist London Dry Gin in their classic 1968 Bonneville soft top coloured identically to the Oliver Twist shining blue packaging.
Based just along the coastline of the City of Genoa they departed along the famous
Roman road called Via Aurelia and onwards to the Port of Rome called Civitavecchia,
passing the breathtakingly sites of the Cinque Terre, Viareggio and Pisa. Once at the
Port of Civitavecchia they set sail to Sicily and onwards to the Port of the enchanting
capital of the Republic of Malta called Valletta. They arrived at sunset and Vivi was busy
taking test photographs of the dipping sun over the harbour of Valletta. As a subtropical-
mediterranean island the sunset colours would nearly match a rainbow and was just right
for a fashion session. Ozzie was meanwhile looking at the best point to set-up tent next to
the fashion event where he could capture the colours while preparing his kaleidoscope of
cocktails. Vivi quickly purchased a brilliantly white Maltese dog for his fashion event while
Ozzie quickly put his mind to a Snowhite Oliver Twist cocktail.

Malta was part of the British Empire from 1814 and with botanicals passing through Malt
from the Far East it quickly became home to Gin and Tonic. The local establishments spoke
about many Gin Cocktails from where Ozzie was able to start working on ideas for new
evolutionary Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin. He eventually went for “Comino Twist”
which could work wonders in Malta. Ozzie promised to send us his cocktail once this
subtropical island adventure trip was over.

Meanwhile along the banks of the Grand Harbour the Vivi and Ozzie fashion and Oliver
Twist Cocktail show commenced. The de Paita Negroni’s were flowing under the sunset
umbrellas with people looking on at a great fashion show. Ozzie also put on display a full
range of Oliver Twist botanicals which create the delicious Dry Gin flavour unique to the
brand. The interesting part of the botanical display was the Maltese Rose petals which not
only enhanced the display but provided an explosive bouquet of mixed aromas which finally
heated under the evening candles spread throughout the event and gave depth to the
Oliver twist Gin cocktails which Ozzie was busily creating for the invited guests.

The event came to another explosive end with a glowing Oliver Twist Cocktail bowl with
glasses being handed out to the fashion ladies on their final walk with a stunning firework
display over the Grand Harbour

Shaking and not stirred!!!

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