Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin Explores Athens

Under the delightful lights of an autumn night in the heart of the Acropolis in Athens our Oliver Twist globetrotting Italian fashion photographer Virgilio la Vespa ( to friends as Vivi) and his eternal entrepreneurial cocktail creator friend Oscar De Paita (Ozzie) were relaxingly savouring a De Paita Negroni while admiring the glorious Grecian monuments stunningly bright under the perfectly positioned floodlights.

Vivi and Ozzie had just set foot in Athens as a stopover from their Istanbul tasting adventure with Nadir Yelkenci on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. They were patiently waiting on their host for the evening Manos Chrissis, the perennial king of Spirits in Greece. He runs the largest privately owned distribution company in Greece which he has been diligently growing over the last 30 years with the tireless collaboration of his brother.

Amphoreys Hellas has a collection of wonderful brands and of course knowing the boys were coming to town, he wanted a sneak preview of Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin. Needless to say the Oliver Twist Vice-President Alessandrina Gunn told them Manos Chrissis is a lifetime family friend and is the person to put Oliver Twist on the map. With that said there was little choice but let Manos have a preview and view some of the stunning photography recently shot in Istanbul.

Manos Chrissis appeared with his daughter Anna and were instantly thrilled at the captivating packaging. Manos said “why not” which means, I’ll talk the Oliver Twist project over with your Vice President at the next family meeting at my seaside home on the southern shores of Greece.

Ozzie quietly disappeared behind the bar to prepare and a few Yell Yelkenci Cocktails for everyone to savour. Luckily he had a small pouch of spice from Istanbul to flavour the Ice balls and under the evening lights it was a stunning thrill for all. The Oliver Twist mediterranean botanicals and the green peel mandarin flavours help the Italian Dry Cypress notes to shine though in this exquisite cocktail. It certainly got Manos going with his experiences in Istanbul and Italy and as the leading importer of Italian wines he certainly recognises scents and flavours. However, what ultimately impressed Manos with Oliver Twist Gin was the overall blend of the Gin and botanicals. Ozzie went on to explain the distilling process while Rudy was busy taking some memorable photographs with the Acropolis backdrop glistening under a gorgeously clear full moon high in the sky.

Manos did start on pricing, product positioning for the on-premise sector and was interested to know more about the international activities planned for Oliver Twist over the coming 12 months. 

While Manos is a great friend of Nadir Yelkenci and the fact that Nadir is charged with the distribution in Turkey for Oliver Twist London Gin, that was sufficient for him. Nevertheless, Ozzie and Vivi wished to avoid marketing discussions and simply said “why not” which meant, discuss marketing at year end during the next family Gathering !!!

Travel to Athens and taste Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin in the spring which is about the right time to sit back and enjoy an OT Gin Sorbet while looking out to sea after a delicious fish lunch which only Manos Chrissis can show you.

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