Sipping Gin in Sanremo

The Montecarlo of Italy

We hit the Autostrada dei Fiori, the flower motorway, on the outskirts of Savona and indulged ourselves in some soft top highway driving along an endless necklace of tunnels and just as many viaducts, the only stretch of road on this planet with such a stunning structure and breath-taking views over fields of olive trees, vineyards and flowers. The closer we reach our destination more flowers can be seen everywhere. The gorgeous coastline below with hills looking as if they are falling into the Mediterranean Riviera was always a factor for us to exit short of Sanremo to experience the flower village of Ospedaletti. The scent of flowers and the Mediterranean breeze immediately hit us like a brick wall giving memory to our Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin flavours seemingly like a thousand flowers and beautiful sea tones.

We decided to drive and admire, wishing to start our Gin sampling sooner rather than later.
How better but to continue our drive along the marvellous Via Aurelia, the home of the
first European Gran Prix win of Juan Manuel Fangio all the way back in time in 1949. What a
Gran Prix it must have been, ripping along Aurelia’s twisting and curving road all the way to
Sanremo. We felt best to savour the scenery and imagine how Fangio must have felt.

We had our Oliver Twist Gin tasting pack immediately at the ready when we parked our
racing blue Oliver Twist soft tops outside the liberty style Sanremo Municipal Casino. No
rush. It was just impossible. We heard music in our ears. We instantly thought preparations
were in place for the Sanremo Music Festival, an Italian annual musical highlight, the
inspiration to the Eurovision Song Contest. Well we got that one wrong! Music to our ears
was coming from one of the many bars by the sea. However, it was like a beacon for our
Oliver Twist destination tasting event.

Our meeting was with Oscar De Paita, the entrepreneurial Cocktail creator, better known
just as Ozzie to his lifelong friends. We sat ourselves down overlooking the beach and
tantalising view of spiky hills all the way towards Montecarlo, our final Mediterranean
destination. Ozzie quickly presented to us a range of eye-watering Oliver Twist Cocktails.
We starting sipping his De Paita Negroni overlooking the sunset with his great friend Virgilio
la Vespa (Vivi to friends), a master-class photographer who has travelled the world more than a lifetime for
a jumbo jet, introducing the De Paita Negroni wherever he landed on behalf of leading
international magazines and of course other leading Italian magazines . As far as LA, Macau but also
his home town of Genoa. Our Oliver Twist flavours shine through giving much substance
and depth to this De Paita Negroni. Exquisite, with the Sansini bitters giving Ruby Red

reflections which actually glitter in the Sanremo sunset.

Ozzie then quickly moved on to his masterpiece which he calls the De Paita’s DMV
Sanremo Sunset. Must have been the sunset but certainly perfect timing to savour his new
Oliver Twist expression. We asked why the name. Ozzie chuckled to himself and said it was
to honour our presence and importantly the city of Sanremo and music. D for Domenico,
M for Modugno and V for Domenico’s hit song, Volare, first performed in Sanremo during
the Sanremo Song contest back in 1958. We did not get a proper explanation but Ozzie
did promise he will send us the recipe which we believe is mindboggling! At this stage we
can only say there are hints of the City of Naples and the Amalfi coastline, the home of
Domenico Modugno, but hints of Riviera flowers intertwined with the botanical expression
of our London Distilled Dry Gin. Most certainly the intricacy of Oliver Twist helps to better
define many cocktails but it then comes into its own with a new cocktail creation such as the
DMV Sanremo Sunset.

Ozzie, Vivi and the Oliver Twist Team decided time up after the Sanremo sunset and

made way to sample and soak up the Italian musical atmosphere of Sanremo.

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