Take me to Labamba in BEIJING and Lets drink Gin

When recently visiting China I made an evening city tour of Beijing with a few friends just
to see how the locals chilled out and what their favourite drinks were for the evening. Well
what we discovered was that most enjoyed a great variety of drinks and indeed cocktails of
rainbow colours, all enjoyed in vibrant style.

One great place which stood out from the crowd and ultimately for its uniqueness was a
great club called Labamba. The entrance was small but once inside what an atmosphere.
Labamba has great snacks, lovely people and lovers of football. The actual counter at
Labamba has the background all lit up in a light shade of blue which would be fitting for our
Gin as the bottle of Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin has a lovely shade of blue which
allows for the spirit glow in the dark.

As a Gin lover I did try their best Tequila and had it mixed with one of their Gins, crushed
ice, mint leaf, fresh lemon juice (no lime available at that moment) and insisted on heated
Tonic which allowed the flavours to flow. Great!!!

I did mention that there is a great London Distilled Gin called Oliver Twist which is making
a noise in the City of London but did avoid mentioning our connection. I’m sure that
once there is an appointed distributor for China the Labamba club will go for it without
hesitation. Once Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin hits Beijing people will notice that
Oliver Twist will shine through from the crowd with its explosive flavours of Mediterranean
botanicals, Dry summer Cypress and Green mandarin peep from Bodrum, masterfully
prepared by our Master Distiller in London.

The colour theme selected for the Oliver Twist packaging, is fitting for a Bar in the evening
where its colours will shine through, in particular, the various tones of blue throughout the
package delivers an appreciative appeal to a wider global audience and that is exactly what
our packaging designers carried out in detail.

Sit back and enjoy Oliver Twist Gin when next in London or travel to the Channel Islands
where there will be Oliver Twist Parties throughout spring 2013.

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