Taking on THE GIN MAN!

Let’s face it; we are not the biggest fish in the pond.  But we want to be.  Make no qualms about it, we have big aspirations for Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin ™ here at Twist Towers.  You see; all the current top Gin brands out there in the big wide world are already getting slightly nervous. Remember the story of Sampson and Goliath?  Little guy takes on The Big Man, finds his Achilles Heel and WHAM, he’s down for the count.

We could tell you that we spent the last 5 years searching the Internet for THE Ultimate Marketing Tool but we haven’t.  Maybe we could tell you that we spent years scurrying the planet and beyond for that elusive rare botanical ingredient.  Nope!  We have a £10million advertising budget?  Yeah, right. So what do we have that makes us so confident?  Pure and simple high octane Belief!  Belief and a dynamically focused Oliver Twist Team driven by a marvellous passion for our Brand as one finds in 24/7 F1 Teams which goes beyond just a salary packet. Focus on detail and aspirational energy to marvel the Gin world.

What’s the key to all this we hear you ask.  In the words of the famous Russian Meer Cat; Simples!  That’s right, K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid!  We have not over flavoured Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin™ with a dozen or more botanicals that most people would never have heard of; we haven’t ramped up the alcohol content so it burns your throat and leaves you with a dry tongue in the morning.  We have kept it Simple but excitingly different.

So what about our Team that we briefly mentioned earlier?  Well as we said, we have something that our big multinationals competitors do not have and that’s a secret “think bunker” where we keep all of the S.E.O. bods locked away.  They are only allowed out briefly for some daylight to keep them sharp.  Then we have our entrepreneurial photographer, Virgilio La Vespa, who is tied to a image chair with his eye lids in a photographic frame and fed image after image of Gin and advertising.  Seriously though, “the man” is getting nervous, as their Google activity has shown over the last few weeks, but we are back on top of the world and that’s all down to a focused dedicated Team and a brilliantly exciting Gin offering in Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin.  Of course don’t expect us to give our marketing secrets away just yet. On the other hand “the man” could log on to and perhaps learn why Oliver Twist is high in the rankings. Uncompromising attention to quality. We know we have many k10mn plus observers watching us and this fuels our energy so that we continue to remain sharp.


The Gin Maestro !!!

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