The Entrepreneurial Mixologist “Oscar De Paita” (Ozzie)

Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin resides high in the ranks of any Regal London or indeed worldly Cocktail creator such as Oscar De Paita or as known to his friends, Ozzie. His Oliver Twist Dry Gin cocktail creations always brings out what can only be described as the king of botanicals, at times catching the juniper berries which will deliver a piney forest scent to his Ligurian Mediterranean cocktails from the City of Genoa. Then he will capture the essence of the other botanicals which were finely milled prior to distillation, again with a dry hint of summer cypress, from which Ozzie creates his Bergamotto cocktail called “Oliver Twist Imperia” a real summer refresher with not too much tonic.

Ozzie will then capture the spices in his Sanremo Dry Gin Cocktail thanks to a unique creation of ice cubes made from Candy which is milled to powder and iced with flower wine from Sicily. It just blows the mind away in flavours, particularly when consumed on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. During the distillation phase of Oliver Twist in the City of London, the Master Distiller will add his secret ingredients which include, but are not limited to, flowers from England, Turkish nuts, Mediterranean fruit peel, and we are told with a small sprinkling of kiwi for viscosity and summer vegetables, such as Zucchini, which assist the dry flavours of summer cypress.

The Cocktail skills of Ozzie can be viewed when he is on display composing new and exciting creations when on global tour for Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin. He recently gave his attention to new creations during the Italian tour of The Oliver Twist Team in Sanremo, Italy and together with his great friend Virgilio la Vespa (Vivi to friends), the globetrotting Italian photographer, recently went out and delivered new and exciting cocktails at the Grand Harbour in the City of Valletta in Malta.

Plans are now in place for Ozzie and Vivi to fly out on THY to Istanbul and add a bit of Turkish delight to their skills when visiting the magnificent and vibrant City of Istanbul. The foremost expert in Turkey, Nadir Yelkenci, will be providing his support when design and cocktail presentations come together once more and are made along the Bosphorus where both will deliver on the shores of the Istanbul strait a flavour in taste and style bringing together the cultural tastes of Europe and Asia.

Watch out for the forthcoming article on their trip. Hopefully they will capture a few great night shots for Oliver Twist Dry Gin under the Istanbul Golden Gate. Will Nadir do a 007 and make them stir and move? See Oliver Twist in Istanbul. As Nadir will always say…live and let live!

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