The International Adventures of Virgilio la Vespa and Oliver Twist Gin

Virgilio la Vespa (Vivi to friends), our Oliver Twist official photographer, is the Italian globetrotting fashion photographer working for leading international magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and leading international fashion design houses with skills second to none. Over the years he has delivered incredible photography not only for those working within his industry but also leading Government departments requiring a service in photography which would deliver ground-breaking imagery for their government departments dedicated to industry development in new emerging markets.

Vivi came across one of the executive directors for our Vice-President Alessandrina Gunn and instantly fell in love with her company charter and the entrepreneurs, entrusted to carry through the generations of time, the vision of true family values. Thanks to those Foundations Stones laid down by her family, Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin forms part of that Trust. The Directors of The Alessandrina Gunn Family Trust gave to Virgilio la Vespa the vision and confidence to join with them in the task to deliver great photography for Oliver Twist which we believe will become legendary through time. As we all know there is photography and photography. The key is to capture those moments of natural bliss in a click which will remain timeless and we are very happy to have Virgilio la Vespa on-board our Oliver Twist Team to deliver such memorable moments for our Brand.

Vivi has already travelled with us from Sanremo to Montecarlo then onwards to Malta and Istanbul in Turkey capture sheer delightful moments in a few clicks of his Hasselblad. We believe the best shots are those taken along the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul together with Nadir Yelkenci and our in-house cocktail creator Oscar De Paita, better known to a few friends as Ozzie. Infact, they were such an incredible trio in Istanbul that we would like them to return together within the not too distant future to participate in the Istanbul launch of Oliver Twist and capture timeless moments for us all to enjoy. It would be quite taking for them to arrive at Istanbul Central Station like Agatha Christie on the Orient Express with a complete compliment of Oliver Twist members to commence the Oliver Twist launch. We are expecting plans very shorty from Nadir Yelkenci on how best to organize the “launch event”. Read this spot within a few months when we will also deliver some brilliant photography by Vivi and the memorable Oscar De Paita Negroni Cocktail. Infact we will also invite the best tweet we receive with a full holiday for two at the Kempinski Palace in Istanbul where they will savour the views enjoyed by few while enjoying Oliver Twist Cocktails in the midnight lights over the Bosphorus. Start tweeting and we look forward to lavish some Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin hospitality on our guests. We know they will remember such a memorable holiday as Vivi will provide some of his great photography to remind them timelessly of their holiday.

Vivi himself has become a great lover of Oliver Twist London Distilled Dry Gin and we know he has become to love the composition of mediterranean botanicals intertwined with notes of Dry Italian Cypress and Green Peel from mandarins cultivated in the surrounding areas of Bodrum in Turkey. Such unique flavours impart sublimely with Tonic and are bliss to the tongue if one adds the De Paita Istanbul Spice Ice Balls.

The Foundation Trust looking after the interests of our Vice President Alessandrina Gunn are duty bound to ensure all these memorable moments of Oliver Twist Gin are well recorded and documented for posterity and who better for this task if not the great photographer Virgilio la Vespa.

We will soon publish the launch date of Oliver Twist in Istanbul and we hope those cocktail aficionados wishing to discover something new and unique will follow our adventures and those new cocktail creations from Oscar De Paita.

Just remember that Oliver Twist Gin has the highest ranking in Gin quality. It is a London Distilled Dry Gin produced and bottled within the heart of the City of London and is gradually spreading its global awareness throughout selected markets such as Italy, Greece, Spain, USA, and Turkey. Unfortunately Duty Free will have to wait until 2013 when listings will commence in key Middle and Far East Duty Free outlets. However, should you wish to sample Oliver Twist now just send us an e-mail and we will endeavour to sample you direct or let you know where is the nearest outlet for you to savour this quite unique London Distilled Dry Gin.

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