Why we owe so much to the humble Gin

The Gin Palace is a common name bounded around today but do you know what it really means?

The original Gin Palace was a decadent Bar that where prevalent in the 18th century. Back in the day there were several establishments known as Gin Shops or Dram Shops, these were small dwellings that distributed Gin and the like. Often these boutique dispensaries were evolutions of traditional Chemists. This may well be where the saying having a medicinal comes from.

Soon laws and legislations changed and the Gin Palaces became larger as they were licensed to sell a greater variety of beverages such as ales and wines. What prevailed over time was the common day pub that we have come to love and frequent in times that we would otherwise visit the humble church.

So when you are next visiting you local pub or bar make sure you remember its origins and look to the back shelf where you will see the blazing before you in its glorious blue bottle Oliver Twist London Distilled Gin. For if it was not for our beloved Gin it is likely that we would not be able to enjoy a game of arrows with our friends, escape the wife, 7 ball the pool table because we had become so good at the dwarf cousin of the snooker match.

So raise a glass to the humble Gin and whether you take your Gin with Tonic or some other beverage remember thate this quintessentially English drink is steeped with heritage and you owe a huge amount of your modern social lifestyle to Gin.

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